General Information


Arrival: Saturday August 14, 2010
Departure: Saturday August 21, 2010


The main international airport is Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario, which has IAFA airport code YYZ. Pearson airport is approximate 100 kilometres from Waterloo, which take approximately 1 hour travel time by car.

There is also a smaller Region of Waterloo International Airport which has IAFA airport code YKF. This airport is approximately 20 kilometres from the University of Waterloo.


The delegation fee for IOI 2010 is 200 Euro, which should be paid in cash upon arrival at IOI 2010 on August 14th. This fee covers the accommodation, food, excursion and transportation costs for the leader, deputy leader and four competitors.

Invited observers, ISC, IC, HSC and volunteers will have their food, accommodation, travel and excursion expenses from August 14 to August 21 covered by the IOI 2010 Organizing Committee.

Guests (i.e., those attendees not listed above) will have to pay a $1400 (Canadian) fee per guest, if paying before August 1st, 2010. The guest fee increases to $1500 (Canadian) is payment is received after August 1st. There will credit card payment options setup for this process in early July. We will also accept cash or credit card payment upon arrival in Waterloo.


Village I

Leaders and guests will enjoy accomodation at Village 1. This Village consists of 16 interconnected “houses”, arranged into 4 “quads”. Each house is connected to at least one other house by an elevated walkway. Houses contain 3-4 floors of approximately 16 beds per floor. Each floor has a shared washroom and each house has a TV lounge with fridge and microwave.
The Community Centre of Village 1 includes the cafeteria and dining hall, lounge with big screen TV, laundry room, games area and Internet Cafe.

Village 1 Accommodations

Ron Eydt Village
Students will enjoy accomodation at Ron Eydt Village (REV). Each floor consists of 24 rooms with 2 large washrooms per floor (1 male and 1 female) along with a common lounge for after-hours networking.
The Community Centre of REV includes the cafeteria and dining hall, TV lounge, games area, Internet cafe, and the Front Desk.
Ron Eydt Village Accommodation

Recreation Services:

IOI 2010 attendees will be able to use the Columbia Icefields Recreation Centre for a fee of $7 per day. Simply register at the front desk of CIF to make use of the gym, basketball courts, or the wide range of weight machines, treadmills, steppers and elliptical machines. Columbia Icefields is marked as CIF on this map, just north of Columbia Street.

Things to note about packing:

Provisions at residence

  • linens
  • a pillow with pillow case
  • two towels
  • bar of soap
  • several cups
  • several clothes hangers (approx 3 – but more are available at the Front Desk if needed)
  • paper towels/air driers in the bathrooms
  • toilet paper which is restocked every day

Items you may wish to bring

  • shampoo
  • bathing suit (there is a waterpark inside Canada's Wonderland
    on the Tuesday, August 17th excursion)
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses